Monday, December 15, 2008

The breakfast nook

Interesting story about this little 'shelf.' When I was looking at this house, the lady running the Open House mentioned that if I purchased a few barstools, this ledge would make a super spot for having breakfast in the mornings. It took a bit of restraint, but I managed to hold back a snort of laughter.

I'm assuming that the original intent for this was to rest plants. Either way, before we removed it, I had to try and see if it would have worked.


JenO said...

is there a pic to go with this story?

My breakfast shelf has a story, too. It was mounted on the wall upstairs, blocking the attic acess and just looking silly. It fit perfectly on the counter off the kitchen...

Elizabeth said...

Weird what people come up with, huh? I've often been wondering what the story behind some of the quirks I keep coming across was?