Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Down under

Ah...the basement. Where should I start?

Probably the most significant factor for everyone that viewed this house during the year it was on the market. Both the east and south walls have made significant shifts throughout their lifetime. In fact, the east wall has journey'd some 6 inches in it's quest!

Kansas Basement and Foundation (or whatever their called) has been here the past week and a half. There was a first crew that came in and jackhammered their way around the perimeter of the basement. They then installed a lovely 'drip' system that takes any moisture to a pipe flowing towards my new sump-pump! (woo-hoo!)

The next crew showed and started tackling the walls themselves. You can see the trenches they've had to dig in the photos. They have installed rods that go into the basement walls, and are anchored by a block of cement buried further out from where the trench is. The idea is that once these are in place, they will start pulling the walls back into their intended position by jacking the house up a few inches.

The crew started pulling them back a bit yesterday, which was quite noisy and house-rattling. However, Lucy and I still managed a nap.

It should be interesting following their progression...

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JenO said...

Heddo? Is the hole all filled with snow or what?